Modèle urbain par excellence, le Dailytour E+ intègre les dernières technologies Giant pour faciliter vos déplacements.
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This versatile and practical E-bike is ideal for daily use in a variety of environments. It comes with all the built-in features you can think of, including a kickstand, lights, fenders and racks—all neatly designed and built to help you pack and carry your essentials and keep them secure. With a SyncDrive Core 50Nm motor, you also have the ability to ride in the Smart Assist mode. This technology determines the support you need and shifts automatically—so you can fully concentrate on the road and your own riding experience. On-board navigation is another great feature with a RideDash EVO display that’s smoothly integrated into the handlebar. Built-in lights, which run day and night, increase your safety with added visibility on the road. And to ensure more comfortable ride, the DailyTour E+ has a Monoshock OD2 suspension fork to soak up bumps and smooth out your ride.

DailyTour E+ with interactive tooltips


Aluminium ALUXX SL
Hybrid Cycling
Smart Assist
Syncdrive Core